Five Friday Finds

{left to right}

1. I am freakishly competitive, as in I don’t like sharing really good tips that I find, as in I want my resume to be better than your resume….ughhh, except I really do like you people. So I guess this one time I’ll share with you this website.  Loft Resumes provides different templates that will help you kick the 1990s out of your resume. It needs to happen. You’re welcome.

2. Alabama Shakes, you make me weak in the knees. Ummm, nope. No pun intended.

3. This, my dearies, is a Russian Spring Punch Cocktail. Russians and vodka is like Wisconsinites and cheese, so I will not question the utter genuisness of this drink. Plus, it has champagne. Plus plus, it is served in one goblet of a wine glass. Hello my pretty, I vant to drink youuuu.

4. Tell me you don’t want to live here. Yep, you’re lying again.

5. If I had 700 buckaroos, I would buy one ring for every letter of my name. I would then wear all of these rings at once. I’d be like a white, suburban Birdman.

Happy weekend my fluffer nuffers:)

Infinite x’s and o’s

To Live With Open Heart; To Grow Up Through The Common

To live content with small means;

to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion;

to be worthy, not respectable,

and wealthy, not rich;

to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly;

to listen to stars and birds,

to babes and sages, with open heart;

to bear all cheerfully, do all bravely,

wait occasions, hurry never.

In a word,

to let the spiritual, unbidden, and unconscious,

grow up through the common.

- William Henry Channing 


Five Friday Finds

[left to right]

1. It was an itsy bitsy, miniature, polka-dot-filled manicure. So before we talk about this life-saving DIY polka-dotting tool, can we please acknowledge my mad rhyming skills? I know, they rock….allllmmmmost as much as this gem of a dotter.

2. Tis the season of spring. What do we do in spring? Do we plant flowers? No, my silly friends, we eat them. We eat them in lollipops.

3. So I have a new playlist on my iPod. It has two songs, these two songs. It has been on repeat since Monday. Yep, I have folkie problems.

4. Hello, do you like me? Because I like you and I think we’d maybe kinda make an AWESOME pair. Just an idea…take your time, think about it. My closet and I will be waiting.

5. I have a [[blog]] crush.

It is the first weekend of spring. Happy happy happy first weekend of spring my loves:)

Infinite x’s and o’s,

DIY: Vertical Garden

So maybe you are a college student living in a rundown/temporary apartment, or maybe you are a city dweller without a yard, but so what? Spring is here and you deserve a little green in your life too.

1. Buy a panel from Floral Grubb

2. Each panel can hold two succulents {recommended for this plant-type’s ability to store water}. You can use pre-bought plants (90 plants total) or you can be more cost-effective and grow your own…

3. While the frame lays flat, fill each panel with loose potting soil.

4. Fill each panel with your choice of plants and/or flowers.

5. If you use store-bought succulents, let the panel lay flat for at least 1 month; If you choose to plant your own, keep the panels flat {AND OUT OF RAIN} for 3-5 months. Side note: make sure to be patient; let the roots absorb into the soil.

6. Screw the panel into the wall horizontally {If you by the Floral Grubb panel, your panel will come with a metal mounting bracket).

7. Water by hand or drip-system every few days or as you see fit.

Bon-appeleaf :)

{pictures & inspiration}

 Infinite x’s and o’s

Five Friday Finds: St. Patty’s Edition

{left to right}

1. Please, please, please do not put on the ever-haunting shamrock t-shirt for tomorrow’s festivities. Yes, you can get saucy, but why not look sexy while you’re doing it?

2. St. Patty’s Day, a day to celebrate the centuries upon centuries of spirited drinking [[or so my generation thinks]]. A day to be started with this extra strong, Irish whiskey-infused cocktail.

3. What kind of St. Patty’s Day post would this be if I didn’t teach you how to Irish tap dance?

4. Irish Coffee Cupcakes. Just another way to incorporate alcohol into the day.

5. These shoes. These shoes. These shoes. If I have any Irish luck, these Charlotte Olympia Sandals will be in my closet by the time I wake up tomorrow.

Happy holiday to my Irish friends…and to the my-great-grandma-twice-removed-had-an-affair-with-a-man-that-claims-his-father-was-a-leprechaun folks as well. I know we all wish we could be Irish this weekend:)

Infinite x’s and o’s

The Wonder of the Underwire

I’ve got smaller boobs than a prepubescent teenage girl.

A sad truth, but one I have come to terms with. Ladies: if you got em, flaunt em. If you don’t [[like me]] , fake em.

The underwire bikini top is great support if you are busty and great ‘encouragement’ if you are, well… let’s say, less than a handful. Bosoms up ladies.

Infinite x’s and o’s,

What To Wear: Pleats

What to wear, what to wear tomorrow? The question usually running through my head as I lay in bed at night. Sometimes, a girl just needs a little dash of inspiration to help rediscover the great pieces in her closet. Pleats make me as giddy as ever. Almost as giddy as this weather in Minnesota. I mean, I was excited for spring and I was counting down the days till I could sport my cute capris…..butttttt, what the spring? When did you come pretty lady?

Seriously, it’s 7:30 and still faintly light outside. The high today was 67. I swear I wasn’t expecting spring so soon. The arrival of this season hit me harder than a jacked up Brad Pitt in Fight Club. And you wanna know what? I liked it.

Infinite x’s and o’s

DIY Lacy Lamp Shade


Some do-it-yourself projects can look just like that – like you painted and glued and assembled with your own hands in your own basement. This my dearies, is not one of them. Have you ever found the most adorable lamp, but the shade is a little tattered and worn? Look no further, here is a great DIY to daintify even the most damaged of lamps.

1. Find a lamp with a base that you like. If the shade is beat up, even better!

2. Remove all fabric or fiberglass so that all that is left on the shade is the skeleton.

3. Measure the width and height of the lamp shade. Lay the doilies out to fit these dimensions. Then stitch these doilies together with embroidery floss.

4. Once you have your desired pattern, attach the doily shade to the lamp by stitching it to the frame all the way around.

Voila – a pretty, girly lamp for your favorite reading nook:)

Courtesy of Miss Elsie & Miss Kinsey over at A Beautiful Mess.

Infinite x’s and o’s