An Extra-Sweet Season

A Christmas without cookies? There is no such thing.

1. Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies via The Fromagette

2. Caramel Corn & Cashew Cookies via Bakers Royale

3. Swedish Spritz Cookies via The Daily Dish

4. Baklava via How Sweet It Is

5. Gingerbread Heads via Bakerella

6. Christmas Wreaths via Jennie Menke

7. Hot Cocoa Cookies via Pip&Ebby


Infinite x’s and o’s

2 thoughts on “An Extra-Sweet Season

  1. “oh dear. look at all those beautiful cookies!” thought I, as I scrolled down the page. “what is a ping back?” i wondered… “it couldn’t be those gawd-awful looking, simply wonderful tasting blue cornflake wreath cookies, could it? No one would be nutty enough to put that photo in the midst of these breath-taking gooey wonders, would they?”

    GOOD GRIEF! There they are! Are you crazy Emelia?? You should have ended this post with that much-loved tune from Sesame Street: One of these things doesn’t belong…
    thanks for some inspiration for some REAL cookies!

    • Jennie, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without those wreaths! A holiday classic. Pretty is only have the battle, and might I add that your wreaths certainly qualify! The other half is taste, and I know this recipe will never disappoint in that department:) Happy Holidays!

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