Art That Pops

Hello, remember me? The artist wanabee.

The girl who wishes she could turn a lump of clay into a chizzled George Clooney.

Who wishes she could transform a blank canvas into a painting filled with shadows and soft edges and identifiable objects.

Who has always wanted to know how to draw a life-size nose so that her first grade self-portrait could look more like her first grade self and less like an anteater.

Yea, that girl. That’s me. Desperately wondering HOW crafty people can take simple everyday items and turn them into divine works of art.

Or how in the world Dominique Falla could make me want to cover my living room wall with nails and thread.

Teach me your ways crafty people.

Infinite x’s and o’s

DIY Centerpieces

As you all know, Momma Orke had a big surprise party this past weekend. One of my big tasks in planning this party was to find/make centerpieces for a reasonable price. After much searching and Pinterest sifting, I found this beautiful centerpiece DIY.

Miss 33ShadesofGreen recommended using rose hips. For some, like myself, rose hips were something I had never even heard of. Finding them was nearly impossible. So McKaye and I went to Michaels, where we found everything you could need to make these chic, elegant centerpieces.

What you Need:

-1 tall vase (or apothecary jar without the lid)

-1 medium-height vase

-1 short vase

-3 faux berry stems (from the flower section at Michael’s)

-2 large floating candles

-1 small candle

-1 reel of gold netting

Tall Vase

You will cut the stem and leaves off of one of the faux berry stems. Weave a small amount of gold netting around the berries. Place stem-up or stem-down. Either looked good.

Medium Vase

Take a faux berry stem and bend the stem so that you create an oval-like shape with the piece. Make sure it is a size that fits comfortably in the vase. DO NOT cut any of the leaves off.

Small Vase

Using the final stem, trim each of the berries off. Place the candle in the center and fill the berries around the candle. I found foamy-like red balls (in the shape of a wreath) that I also used as smaller size that had the same color but gave great variety and visual appeal.

After an hour or so, the water-filled vases started to turn a slight shade of red. I personally enjoyed them even more this way. Using real fruit would probably not create this effect, so if you do not prefer the reddish tint, do not use faux berry stems! Otherwise, enjoy. I received many compliments for these and plan on using this idea again!

Infinite x’s and o’s