The Wonder of the Underwire

I’ve got smaller boobs than a prepubescent teenage girl.

A sad truth, but one I have come to terms with. Ladies: if you got em, flaunt em. If you don’t [[like me]] , fake em.

The underwire bikini top is great support if you are busty and great ‘encouragement’ if you are, well… let’s say, less than a handful. Bosoms up ladies.

Infinite x’s and o’s,

What To Wear: Pleats

What to wear, what to wear tomorrow? The question usually running through my head as I lay in bed at night. Sometimes, a girl just needs a little dash of inspiration to help rediscover the great pieces in her closet. Pleats make me as giddy as ever. Almost as giddy as this weather in Minnesota. I mean, I was excited for spring and I was counting down the days till I could sport my cute capris…..butttttt, what the spring? When did you come pretty lady?

Seriously, it’s 7:30 and still faintly light outside. The high today was 67. I swear I wasn’t expecting spring so soon. The arrival of this season hit me harder than a jacked up Brad Pitt in Fight Club. And you wanna know what? I liked it.

Infinite x’s and o’s

No Wrong Way to Wear A Chambray

The chambray shirt: probably the greatest invention ever ever EVER. Wear it with colored pants, flirty skirts, under a blouse, over a tanktop, tucked in, unbuttoned, out to lunch, at work…yep, pretty much the most versatile wardrobe piece of all time.

chambray 2
chambray 1
chambray 4
chambray 3
 How do you like to wear your chambray?
Infinite x’s and o’s

Spring In My Closet

GUESS WHAT. March has arrived. Do you know what this means???? Spring is HERREEEEE. I see you budding little baby flowers, I see you.

Okay so maybe that fresh foot of snow covering my lawn suggests otherwise, but I am a firm believer that THIS will be the year when Minnesota actually out-Springs the other 49 states. Yep, we’re doing it.

{J. Crew, $128}

{Chooka Posh Dot Rain Boots, $69.99}

{Mango, $56}

{H&M, $29.95}

It is Spring. Don’t fight it my dears:)

Infinite x’s and o’s